Match Statistics

Get detailed match statistics and insights with Crypt2 Esports Match Statistics API. Our API provides a wealth of data on individual matches, including player performance, team rankings, and in-depth analysis of the game. Whether you're a fan, coach, or analyst, our API provides the data you need to take your understanding of the game to the next level.

Example Response:

"status": "success",
"data": {
"match_id": 12345,
"home_team": "Warriors",
"away_team": "Lakers",
"shots_made": 20,
"shots_attempted": 50,
"field_goal_percentage": 40,
"three_point_shots_made": 10,
"three_point_shots_attempted": 30,
"three_point_percentage": 33.3,
"free_throws_made": 15,
"free_throws_attempted": 20,
"free_throw_percentage": 75,
"rebounds": 40,
"assists": 25,
"turnovers": 10,
"steals": 5,
"blocks": 3,
"personal_fouls": 20